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Isabel Marant wedge sneakers

Hey people!I'm pretty sure you've heard about or seen the latest trend - wedge sneakers.If you have heard of them, this certainly is a post you'll enjoy. But, if you haven't, it's time for you to find out about them!So, these are basically sneakers with a hidden platform and therefore perfect for shorter girls who want to look taller (and they don't want the others to see how they became taller lol)... Or, if you just love the comfort of sneakers, but you like them a bit more fashionable, these babies are perfect for you!

They have become famous for a reason - they make your legs look longer and slimmer! A lot of celebrities buys them too.

However, just because the originals are too expensive (1,000$ and more!) not a lot of us can buy them. So, you can find an alternative. There are a lot of online stores which sell models inspired by Isabel Marant ones.

I've actually just got a pair of mines from Choies and I must say I'm very pleased. Not only are they gorgeous, but I didn't wait long for them - they arrived in just 7 days! I cannot wait to feature them in my new look.

So, those wedges above are the ones I got from Choies. They aren't the only model you can find and there are loads of lovely wedges, which are affordable too. If you want to check them out, click here!So, what's your opinion about wedge sneakers? Do you like them, love them or hate them? Let me know!Thanks for reading!Love, TinaInstagram - @tina_stefanovicTwitter - @TinaStefanovicFacebook - Style Sinners

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